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Clyde Christensen “thought everyone knew” Tom Brady had a torn MCL

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady played all of the 2020 season with a torn MCL in his knee. The team never disclosed it on any of the various injury reports, from

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Monitoring burn ICU patients requires alarm adjustments

The combination of injured skin, specialized medical care and the need to continuously monitor critically ill patients with burn injuries can make alarm management a significant challenge for burn units.

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China says it will continue to open up financial sector

China will continue to open up its financial sector and improve rules for foreign banks and insurance firms entering the market, state media quoted the cabinet as saying on Wednesday.

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How Instagram can take its child safety work even further

In May, I wrote here that the child safety problem on tech platforms is worse than we knew. A disturbing study from the nonprofit organization Thorn found that the majority

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