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Lions watched Melissa Gonzalez (wife of David Blough) advance to semis in 400m hurdles

Melissa Gonzalez, the wife of Lions backup quarterback David Blough, is running in the Olympics. The Lions has a watch party on TV last night to cheer her on. Gonzalez,

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Social determinants recorded in only 0.2% of mental health contact cases

The environmental and social circumstances of individuals using mental health services in a North West city region– including those diagnosed with “post-traumatic stress disorder”—were recorded in only 0.2% of cases,

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For most emerging market central banks, the only way is up

While top central banks such as the Federal Reserve, the ECB and the Bank of Japan may be sitting on their hands as inflation rises, many of their peers in

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Workers at a repair facility used by Apple compare conditions to sweatshops

Workers at a Houston, Texas facility that processes repairs for Apple, Dell, and Lenovo reportedly say they are working in “sweatshop” conditions, according to a story from Insider. Workers’ toilets

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Thrift store seeking family connected to 146-year-old marriage certificate

A North Carolina thrift store employee cleaning an antique print found a nearly 150-year-old marriage certificate hidden inside the frame — and the store is now hoping to return it

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